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Individual Services: German Level 0

Course Duration: 10, 12, 15, 20 weeks or upon request

Our courses are offered on an ongoing basis throughout the year and students can register at all times.

AFSL Pro German Level 0
– Course Highlights

For whom is the class meant?
     AFSL Pro - Language Levels

This Introductory Skills course is designed for absolute beginners who have had no or very limited contact with the German language.

What is the main content of the German Introductory Skills Course?

Highlights from lessons 1 to 6

You will learn how to: 

  • engage in short interactions in simple standard situations
  • greet people and introduce yourself
  • convey basic information about yourself and your environment
  • talk about your age, nationality, occupation, family, pets and other similar topics
  • ask and understand simple questions
  • answer when the other person speaks slowly and has a familiar accent

Highlights from lessons 7 to 12

You will learn how to: 

  • further engage in simple interactions about familiar, routine topics
  • talk about your activities, likes and dislikes, and weekly schedule
  • talk about your activities, likes and dislikes, and weekly schedule of the people around you
  • describe yourself and others, including physical characteristics, feelings, and dress, using short, simple sentences
  • communicate the date and say where things are
  • ask and understand simple questions and answer when the other person speaks slowly and has a familiar accent 

What are the main grammar points covered in this class?

You will learn about: 

  • personal pronouns in the nominative case
  • present indicative of regular verbs,  "sein"  and "haben"
  • gender and plural of nouns
  • word order in simple sentences and negations
  • questions with and without interrogative pronouns
  • use of predicative and attributive adjectives
  • modal verbs ("können", "dürfen", "sollen", …)
  • formation and use of the accusative case
  • local adverbs and prepositions with accusative case

German courses 0


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Private German Course Level 0

  • in person with a teacher
  • online with a teacher
  • customized training

Semi-Private German Course Level 0

  • in person with a teacher
  • online with a teacher
  • customized training

Small-Group German Courses

  • in person with a teacher
  • online with a teacher

Customized Training 

  • contact us to tell us about your specific needs 
  • we will be happy to design a custom-made training formula that exceeds your expectations

Certification Policy

AFSL Pro is a training institution registered at Emploi-Québec (Commission des partenaires du marché du travail or CPMT) under the 1% law, which supports the development of the up-dating of manpower skills (certificate of registration # 0055661).

At the end of the course, you will receive two training certificates, one from AFSL Pro, in accordance with the regulations of the Quebec’s Competency Act, and the other from Rosetta Stone® Advantage


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